Every Client, Every Month™


  • Manske Wealth Management offers investment advice and financial planning with a primary focus on monthly client communication.

    We work diligently to help clients minimize taxes, increase net worth over time, and provide a secure retirement. What sets Manske Wealth apart from the rest of Wall Street is the team's systemic dedication to staying in touch with our clients and keeping their other advisors informed. The firm works closely with other professionals, including accountants and attorneys, to achieve the client's total wealth management goals. Over the years, Christopher Manske and his formidable team have become well-known for the slogan by which they organize everything in their professional lives: "Every Client, Every Month™."

    If you're considering hiring us, please take a moment to get to know our team better.

  • Logo

    In our company logo, two letter M’s stand side by side holding up a red letter W. This signifies that the burden of communication and education about our client’s financial lives rests on our shoulders, where it belongs.

    Hidden inside is an arrow pointing upward signifying progression, profits, and precision; the arrow is hidden suggesting a humility that contrasts with the rest of Wall Street where the majority of attention is given to only the most wealthy clients. The two letter M’s share a leg because all of us at Manske Wealth work as a team, sharing in each other’s victories and mistakes.

    It’s this teamwork that acts as the main column supporting our overall mission: To continually earn the trust of clients by providing disciplined communication and sophisticated wealth management solutions in an environment that offers hard-working employees meaningful, life-long careers focused on honorable financial service.